Our Company

2023: Modernization and digitalization of the performance processes

2020: Founding of ALVA Leather GmbH to spin off the operational business of Westfalia-Leder Handelsgesellschaft mbH

2016: Acquisition of 1/3 of the shares of Westfalia-Leder Handelsgesellschaft mbH

2011: Expansion of the warehouse

2006: Alexander Valtwies joins the company as a trainee in wholesale and foreign trade

2005: Construction of the new, larger warehouse in Stadtlohn

1998: Westfalia-Leder Handelsgesellschaft mbH was founded

1996: Founding the Coesfelder Lederhandel by Mr. Terhürne. Begin of purchasing special lots and surplus items from tanneries and furniture factories

General Manager

The managing partner and heart of the company is Alexander Valtwies. He has been working with leather since his training in 2006. After graduating, he took over the management of Westfalia-Leder Handelsges. mbH in Stadtlohn and was able to gain further experience and skills in the leather industry. As an expert in my field, I am available to provide you with the best advice and support.